(no talent required)

What's Inside

  • Full Color Game Board
  • 6 Influencer Playing Pieces
  • Game Die
  • 150 Game Cards
  • 150 Clout Cards

The Setup

Here’s The Skinny (Tea)

All players begin on START and make their way around the board one roll of the die at a time. Gain and lose followers along the way by completing challenges, going viral, and proving your influence by making it to the “big pink wall” in Los Angeles. Just like in real life, the player with the most followers wins! (Sarcasm font).

The Game

Step 1: Collect Your Clout
Each player starts with 100k followers because why not? Everything is meaningless.

Step 2: Roll The Die
The player with the largest social media following goes first. Roll the die and play according to the space landed on. The player to their left rolls next.

Step 3: Race to L.A.
As you move along the board, you’ll complete challenges, get rewarded, and face penalties specific to the spectacular life of an influencer. Prove the power of your fake popularity on your way to the “big pink wall” in Los Angeles.

Step 4: Have fun!
Enjoy some self-deprecating humor and friendly roasting. Get creative with the card challenges and post on social media with #influencersgame to increase your chances of being featured on our main account!

Game Cards

Challenge Cards
True influencers never pass up an opportunity to be the center of attention. Complete the tasks and collect the reward.

Question Cards
How well do you know your friends? We’re going to find out. Ask the question, and if you guess the answer correctly, your following grows!

Bonus Cards
What’s a large following without some perks? Land on these spaces, collect your followers, and watch your fanbase grow! Draw a coveted blue-checkmark card and use your verification to avoid future penalties in true influencer fashion.

Penalty Cards
Selling your soul for likes has its consequences. When you pull a penalty card, you lose followers. Put the instructed number of followers back into the clout deck and think about what you’ve done. 

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